PLATO has three committees that provide the association guidance on issues in the following three areas:



      PLATO’s Oversight Committee monitors complaints of a consumer, reseller, retailer, or manufacturer concerning whether a portable lighting product’s performance has been accurately reported    according to the ANSI Standard.  The OC consists of members of the Board of Directors of PLATO, one of whom serves as the Chair, General Members of PLATO and the Executive Director of PLATO.

     Here’s what happens when the Oversight Committee receives a complaint. (link to OC protocol page)

PLATO’s Standards Committee was responsible for developing the ANSI/PLATO FL 1 2016 Standard, the portable light industry’s benchmark for technical quality and transparency. The committee is also currently working on revising the Standard per ANSI requirements. The Standards Committee is made up 10 companies, including members of PLATOs Board of Directors and General Members.

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PLATO’s Outreach Committee is responsible for educating manufacturers, retailers, buyers and consumers about the ANSI/PLATO FL 1 2016 Standard. The Outreach Committee is also charged with identifying and recruiting new members to PLATO. The committee consists of PLATO General Members, PLATO Board members and the Executive Director.