PLATO works to promote the common interests of companies that manufacture portable lighting products, including the development and maintenance of product performance standards, industry education, market research and issue advocacy.

PLATO is dedicated to advocating for our members and providing educational resources to ensure companies have the necessary resources to maintain the industry's highest standards.


PLATO develops revised ANSI/PLATO FL 1 2019 Standard

The Standard focuses on beam distance, peak beam intensity, run time, impact resistance and water penetration protection. It will help Improve portable light quality and marketing transparency through:

  • Advanced packaging icons for consumers
  • Clearer measuring and testing language
  • Streamlined laboratory procedures and testing conditions


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Road map to high ethical, professional and technical standards

PLATO seeks to represent members that demonstrate the highest degree of professionalism, expertise and ethical standards in every aspect of their operations, including:

  • Product performance
  • Marketing transparency
  • Intellectual property
  • Environmental stewardship


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