Member Expectations

Striving for highest degree of professionalism


All products manufactured or supplied by members of the association will be marked as required to confirm that it complies with US law and that is ‘fit for purpose'.

Products and Technical Standards

Each member shall ensure that the products it offers for sale are supplied, manufactured or manufactured under license to conform to any statutory requirements and standards as may be mandated by all applicable laws and regulations.

Product Performance

A member shall be able to demonstrate the published features of any Product that it supplies and substantiate any benchmarks, performance characteristics, serviceability levels or criteria to which it lays claim.

Fraud and Similar Irregularities

We strictly prohibit any fraudulent activity that might injure our customers and suppliers, as well as the Company. We follow all necessary procedures concerning the recognition, reporting and investigation of any such activity.

Intellectual Property

  1. Members shall recognize and respect ownership of intellectual property and refrain from plagiarism.
  2. Where a member has not contributed directly to the origination of design, system or process that it subsequently offers for sale, it shall seek assurance that the intellectual property belongs to the supplier or that the supplier is licensed to re-sell the design, system or process.
  3. Members agree to take certain steps to ensure the products they offer for sale infringe no valid patents or trademarks. Including, but not limited to:
    1. Patent search both international and US.
    2. Affidavit from the source confirming its origin.


Members shall act in accordance with the relevant standards on environmental protection and seek to continually reduce their impact on the environment.

Members shall endeavor to ensure that the equipment they sell is manufactured under processes that ensure minimal damage to the environment.

Products supplied by members will be manufactured to comply with regulations and restrictions affecting the use of certain materials in its construction therefore minimizing the environmental effect.

All members will endeavor to reduce waste and the environmental impact of their entire supply chain. Members agree to comply fully with all applicable standards, laws, and regulations extant in all territories where they conduct their business.


Members shall respect the basic human rights of their employees. Members shall comply with laws prohibiting child labor.