Industry Leaders

PLATO's Board Members represent some of the portable lighting industry's most innovative companies.

Andy Skoogman
Executive Director

Andy Skoogman brings a wealth of association management, marketing and communications experience to his role as PLATO’s Executive Director. He’s led a statewide member agency and helped private sector clients promote and market a variety of portable lights.

Kevin Parsons, A.S.P.
President, PLATO

A PhD in Police Management from Michigan State University, Parsons spent half a decade teaching firearms and defense tactics at a regional police academy. It was this real world, street oriented background that Kevin Parsons brought to the design of ASP products. Dr Parsons is also a member of the ANSI Flashlight Standards Committee.

Tom Beckett - Dorcy

After growing up in Michigan and sailing on the great lakes, Tom Beckett studied electrical engineering before graduating from The Ohio State University’s Fisher College of Business. With degrees in Marketing and Finance he started his career in the consumer electronics and professional sound reinforcement industry.

Jack Pekarek - Energizer
Board Member

Jack Pekarek is the Senior Manager of Lights and Rechargeable Products for Energizer.  Jack has degrees in Chemistry and Business.  With Energizer since 2000, Jack has had roles in product development, safety and reliability testing, as well as manufacturing.

John C. Gregory, Jr., Streamlight, Inc.
Board Member

John has worked for private law firms, as a sole practitioner, for pure start-up companies and for Fortune 100 companies in and around Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, for over 20 years.

Jeff Hutchens - Coast Products
Board Member

Jeff is the Operations Manager for Coast Products and has been with the company since 2012. He takes pride in making people's lives easier, safer and more enjoyable by supplying high quality portable lighting products. Prior to joining Coast, Jeff earned his bachelor's degree in Applied Mathematics at UCLA.

Matt Law - Coleman
Board Member

Matt is the Director of Design Engineering for Coleman, The Outdoor Company. He's been with Coleman for 3 years leading their portable lighting business. Prior to Coleman Matt spent 7 years with Energizer, working in manufacturing and development of lighting products. He is focused on innovation and improving lighting experiences for consumers.

Dave Kluegel - SureFire
Board Member

Dave Kluegel has served as the Director of Material Management for SureFire, LLC since March 2007, and controls the full supply chain (Forecast, Purchase, and Inventory Management; and Finished Goods Distribution). Dave also serves on the SureFire new product development team.